New VW California - you won't believe what's inside!

10 000 Weergaven 335K

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There’s a new Volkswagen California on the way… And we are VERY excited to see what it looks like!

You see, Volkswagen has recently announced an all-new Multivan, and the California is set to be based on it. And trust us, that's very good news, because, it’s set to be the most high-tech Multivan yet, so we’re already expecting big things from the upcoming California!

For starters, it borrows a load of elements from the latest Golf, including all the high-tech electronics and features you’ll find inside the cabin. What’s more exciting, though, is that a plug-in hybrid variant is on the horizon, so there’s a possibility that you may be able to use the new California to run your electronics with the built-in battery!

But what do you think - do VW create the best campervans around, or would you choose something else? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. carwow
    13 dagen geleden

    Should we review more campervans? Or some other types of vehicles? Let us know what you'd like to see below!

    1. coogee 1995
      coogee 1995
      5 dagen geleden


    2. Montys Woodworks & Crafts
      Montys Woodworks & Crafts
      7 dagen geleden

      Yep, and not just the off the peg ones. Some fantastic customer converters out there that make some amazing vans

    3. Forsaken sweet bunny
      Forsaken sweet bunny
      7 dagen geleden

      @Seema Prathapan electrojunks suck

    4. RR PLAN C
      RR PLAN C
      7 dagen geleden

      The engine design isn't new/ they have used this system in the golf GTE for years.

    5. RR PLAN C
      RR PLAN C
      7 dagen geleden

      Way too expensive. I was thining maybe 55-60K and then you said 80K!! WTF.

  2. karel-willem Jaarsveld
    karel-willem Jaarsveld
    2 dagen geleden

    You can sleep in it, you can cook it, and you can shit outside. For ar least 50.000.

  3. Pavel Irimescu
    Pavel Irimescu
    2 dagen geleden

    How much is the California edition??$$$$

  4. Jay Toor
    Jay Toor
    2 dagen geleden

    Looks nice but I'm not wealthy/crazy enough to shell out for this. I'm happy with the T4 I bought for £5k this year...

  5. Willy D MTB
    Willy D MTB
    2 dagen geleden

    I.D Buss camper is the dream and dump the pump

  6. LastPhoenix
    2 dagen geleden

    Stop it, Matt! You are not drawing anything, let's be honest.

  7. jmsmikey
    3 dagen geleden

    For the hybrid version I wonder how long the A/C will run on just its internal batteries~

  8. Koolerking
    3 dagen geleden

    I remember my parents looking at caravans, and thinking “Well, it would pay for itself with hotels stays”. Not anymore. VW, and many others are a ridiculous price these days.

  9. Danny Heyrman
    Danny Heyrman
    4 dagen geleden

    You're wrong. there won't be a new cali on the T7 platform. it is not strong enough. the new cali wil be on the transporter replacement wich will be build with ford (so it will be a transit copy) There won't be a EV soon because of the weight; ad the axtra camper weight on the base vehicule + cargo capacity and you will be above the 3.5 ton mark. This will make the T6.1 the last real california. we ordered a new one in April, and delivery will be around Januari 2023. so the "old" one will be with us for some time as the my 2023 will be half sold by now.

  10. Wiktor Skrzypczyński
    Wiktor Skrzypczyński
    5 dagen geleden

    This new T7 looks more like a Touran than a transporter.

  11. Keith Armitage
    Keith Armitage
    5 dagen geleden

    McLouis 330 seems to be a good campervan/Motorhome.

  12. Lego overnight builder
    Lego overnight builder
    5 dagen geleden

    Looks like Toyota Previa 🤷

  13. harry calahan
    harry calahan
    5 dagen geleden

    Why keep showing the old T6? This video isn’t current and all conjecture. Click bait crap

  14. Deeva Knight
    Deeva Knight
    6 dagen geleden

    Nasty looking . Prefer the t5 t6

  15. Steve Louis
    Steve Louis
    6 dagen geleden

    bad choice of background 'music'. All we hear is the hiss of the high hat.

  16. Jg Rsb
    Jg Rsb
    6 dagen geleden

    This van is shaped like the old Chevy Astros.

  17. Matthias DE WOLF
    Matthias DE WOLF
    6 dagen geleden

    Every year a bit smaller, and a new model, T7 in 2022 , e BUZZ in 2023 ???? Confusion. Who is buying a California T6,1

  18. Aid
    6 dagen geleden

    VW love to use that buggy and slow infotainment system, lovely

  19. Forsaken sweet bunny
    Forsaken sweet bunny
    7 dagen geleden

    Britons should stick to the Alphard

  20. Forsaken sweet bunny
    Forsaken sweet bunny
    7 dagen geleden

    #fakenews The guy when the California sticks to the t6: Oh-oh-oh I don't know what I said... I don't remember

  21. duki nse
    duki nse
    7 dagen geleden

    I like the idea of campervan, but this is too expensive for what it is.

  22. MM KK
    MM KK
    7 dagen geleden

    Terrible CLICKBAIT, what a california COULD BE, not what it IS. And there is absolutely nothing about the interior, besides T6 cuts. Publishing such videos is just disrespectful for the viewers. You have 6.19M subscribers, tons of interesting stuff on the market, and you seriously need to produce and trick people into such speculative B$?

  23. Profesor Baltazar
    Profesor Baltazar
    7 dagen geleden

    Game changer? VW from T1 is best in it's class.

  24. Alan Jenkinson
    Alan Jenkinson
    7 dagen geleden

    Fantastic, a wheezy 1.4 PHEV. I wonder if all the faults i had with a GTE are optional extras? It just wouldn’t be the same without squeakes and rattles.

  25. Fabian
    7 dagen geleden

    shame there wont be a 100 % eectric one

  26. Richard Stefanits
    Richard Stefanits
    7 dagen geleden

    Don't call a chinese sharan "t7 multivan", it's misleading. :)

  27. TheAverageGamer
    7 dagen geleden

    This is the kind of car I'd get if I were to win the lottery. Get a new California e hybrid, spec it out to whatever I like and then road trip around until I'm bored of it. Back in reality however, I'd never buy this car :p

  28. Alex Ross
    Alex Ross
    7 dagen geleden

    The VW California- not available in California.

  29. Jonathan Krech
    Jonathan Krech
    7 dagen geleden

    Cool car!

  30. adashvids
    7 dagen geleden

    Too many “coulda” and “maybes”. We want facts, not guesses from a car channel.

  31. Michael Rosenfeld
    Michael Rosenfeld
    7 dagen geleden

    Not available in US, bye

  32. ulverop
    7 dagen geleden

    Rear end is hideous!

  33. Robert Deniro
    Robert Deniro
    8 dagen geleden

    I'm a VW campervan guy, I love the T5, I was a little dissapointed with the T6 but I am shocked at how bad the T7 looks and how poor the specs are. Shame on VW, they are still pushing combustion engines, when will they learn that people want EVs not hybrids. As such I am now considering to buy a mercedes EQV

  34. Jon Morter
    Jon Morter
    8 dagen geleden

    VW have clearly stated that the California will stay on the T6.1 and will *not* port to the T7 So what do you know that virtually every credible camper van channel and news source do not?

    1. Mike Whitehead
      Mike Whitehead
      6 dagen geleden

      yeah that's what i thought. even when the Cali moves on from the T6.1, it'll more likely be on the VW/Ford van platform. T7 transporter instead of multivan.

  35. Will4May
    8 dagen geleden

    Strange them bringing this out, does that mean the ID Buzz is years away ?

  36. Jon M
    Jon M
    8 dagen geleden

    For 80k you can get a posh Motorhome with a proper bathroom, and a Golf for every day.

  37. VW GTI
    VW GTI
    8 dagen geleden

    The old one was better looking...☹☹

  38. shortyian
    8 dagen geleden

    Honestly thought it was going to be 100% electric 🤷‍♂️

    1. VW GTI
      VW GTI
      8 dagen geleden

      Wrong thinking then...👋👋

  39. Akash
    9 dagen geleden

    The prices are crazy. Is VW committing a suicidal decision?

  40. Hartegbeer singh
    Hartegbeer singh
    9 dagen geleden

    Hotels are more secure than campers,what if you get robbed in middle of the trip?

  41. Michiel van Schoor
    Michiel van Schoor
    9 dagen geleden

    @autogefouhl already did a review in person with the real car

  42. ZIRAZA
    9 dagen geleden

    50 to 60 g's thats alot of trips all over the world..?????

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    Dhone clinzzy gold
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      James Hillary
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      Greg Jeanie
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      I just withdraw my profit two days ago. I'm glad I did invest with him still reinvested and trade is ongoing.

    3. Hailey Anthony
      Hailey Anthony
      9 dagen geleden

      Amazing, it's always good to be faithful and true in dealing with people, this man have really brought a good name to himself.

    4. Bob Richard
      Bob Richard
      9 dagen geleden


    5. Bob Richard
      Bob Richard
      9 dagen geleden

      Cornyn Joe Portman

  44. Dave Judd
    Dave Judd
    9 dagen geleden

    Pity it is not based on the yet to be released ID Buzz

  45. Pollo Hermano
    Pollo Hermano
    9 dagen geleden

    So will these be sold in California?

  46. James Peebles
    James Peebles
    9 dagen geleden

    Fiat multipla levels of ugly

  47. Matt Curlew
    Matt Curlew
    9 dagen geleden

    I like the current one cause it has some smart features but it's sooo expensive. This video sounds more like an advertisement sorry. I think generally we all know that the VW group likes to pamper car journalists for more content.

  48. Shiraz Chanawala
    Shiraz Chanawala
    9 dagen geleden

    Fully electric would have been good.

    1. MM KK
      MM KK
      7 dagen geleden

      whenever there are charging stations in the forests, lakes and beaches...

  49. Marek Kemp
    Marek Kemp
    9 dagen geleden

    The Chinese will soon make a look-alike for half the money.

  50. Damn Mia
    Damn Mia
    10 dagen geleden

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  51. Gay cha
    Gay cha
    10 dagen geleden

    Love the concept but pricing is scary

  52. Just Mingled
    Just Mingled
    10 dagen geleden

    I hope it's a toilet inside, because I can still sit on the shitter and watch Carwow.

  53. roblox fan
    roblox fan
    10 dagen geleden

    Looks nice

  54. Norman Watson
    Norman Watson
    10 dagen geleden

    imagine the holidays you can have for 80k, that's before insurance, servicing, fuel..... camping site fees, geeeeee whizzz

  55. Zuhayr Dalwai
    Zuhayr Dalwai
    10 dagen geleden

    Hyundai staria video please

  56. john evans
    john evans
    10 dagen geleden

    Have we forgotten our collar and tie?

  57. Egbert Nekkers
    Egbert Nekkers
    10 dagen geleden

    You have a very thick dump. Besides, a camper without a toilet is a nogo.

    1. Just Mingled
      Just Mingled
      10 dagen geleden

      Yes you want to be able to take a shit ffs, how you gonna travel around for hour's & hours without taking a shit! lmao

  58. Ivan Maksimov
    Ivan Maksimov
    10 dagen geleden

    Since T7 won’t be based on commercial platform - goodbye, reliability.

    10 dagen geleden

    This is just non-information at its best. There will be no T7 California. You are talking nonsense.

  60. Dark Matter
    Dark Matter
    10 dagen geleden

    £80,000?! Even the entry level one is £55k! For that money you can rent a large RV with shower and toilet for a 2 week holiday each year for the next 30 years.

  61. Scuderino67
    10 dagen geleden

    Sound like they took California name after the Ferrari

  62. Me hit You
    Me hit You
    10 dagen geleden

    A motor home review would be nice

  63. The Red Lense
    The Red Lense
    10 dagen geleden

    In the US, we do not get this awesome Camper Van, it would sell out here in 5 minutes, California doesnt get the VW California, am sad.

  64. TheMuddatrucker
    10 dagen geleden

    Who the Ffffff! Pays £70,000+ for a van that’s smaller inside than even the smallest caravan. If you were into cars & caravans then just imagine the setup you could buy for 70k or you could have a vw camper van 😂 A brand spanking defender and top of the range twin axle Hobby caravan, maybe even a bit of change left over.

  65. E Roche
    E Roche
    10 dagen geleden

    1.5L petrol unassisted in a commercial vehicle? Not really....

  66. Salty Bill
    Salty Bill
    11 dagen geleden

    nothing better than going to sleep on oily and stinky sheets and pillows after cooking dinner.

  67. Adam Fox
    Adam Fox
    11 dagen geleden

    Had to give a thumbs down for the "this is what it could look like" comment. Please stop this, your ruining content, get the content from the manufacturer & then you won't have to make it up!

  68. Will
    11 dagen geleden

    Sorry, like the channel but this is clickbait. No official announcement, only images and suggestion of what it could like, nothing confirmed about what's inside. Disappointed.

  69. James Wilson
    James Wilson
    11 dagen geleden

    Maybe you should go and review hotels and leave someone who’s vaguely interested in camping and campervans to review them? 😂

  70. Vernon
    11 dagen geleden

    drag race chiron and rimac

  71. paul holland
    paul holland
    11 dagen geleden

    Fuck that I would rather buy a twin axle caravan that sleeps 6 for 50k more space! I just don't get these campers!!

  72. frank
    11 dagen geleden

    the philosophy of the Rich and poor is this: the invest their money and spend what is left depot spend their money and invest what is left

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      11 dagen geleden

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      nester broz
      11 dagen geleden

      @Josh Micah Yes I can believed that, I got victory with him, was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫

    3. Josh Micah
      Josh Micah
      11 dagen geleden

      Really y'all know him?, I even thought I'm the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

    4. Anderson
      11 dagen geleden

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    5. Francisco
      11 dagen geleden

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  73. Kzn Nzn
    Kzn Nzn
    11 dagen geleden

    Volgswagen does not put effort in any perpective except buying other brands to do their job for them... Smart, but not that smart, just lazy and ugly nazis

  74. Kzn Nzn
    Kzn Nzn
    11 dagen geleden

    O a vehicle for hippies thhat do drugs

  75. Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez
    11 dagen geleden

    I'm a bit tired of hotels but you shouldn't have to be rich if you want to camp and "reduce" your emissions (I mean the hybrid one). I get it, Volkswagen is not cheap, but they don't have to get that expensive either, for a camping van, call me crazy

  76. The Ultra Jaff
    The Ultra Jaff
    11 dagen geleden

    Power a VW Caledonia with a Kia EV6

  77. Jay A Sea
    Jay A Sea
    11 dagen geleden

    What a pointless video

  78. Noel Kavanagh
    Noel Kavanagh
    12 dagen geleden

    I'd rather see a California based on the id buzz it looks so much better.

  79. Brayan Upton
    Brayan Upton
    12 dagen geleden

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    1. Rachel Funk
      Rachel Funk
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      Trust me you won't regret trading with Mr Brian Nelson

    2. Haley Conroy
      Haley Conroy
      11 dagen geleden

      Thanks you so much for the details

    3. Mittie Ferry
      Mittie Ferry
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      Mittie Ferry
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    5. Haley Conroy
      Haley Conroy
      11 dagen geleden

      How can I get in touch with Mr Brian Nelson ?

  80. xybp942
    12 dagen geleden

    I miss the days when campervans were for tramps and transients, rather than a chic glamping entertainment vehicle for the well to do who want to 'slum' it by camping, and exchange anecdotes about the toilets at their coke parties

  81. Last account banned for talking about car polisher
    Last account banned for talking about car polisher
    12 dagen geleden

    Carwow removing thread comments where people have mentioned the accidents that have happened due to this junk heaps predecessors have caused due to diabolical build quality. They removed a full thread discussing it when I chipped in with my mates bmw towing eye snap the subframe off towing a 350kg boat

    1. hon solo
      hon solo
      5 uur geleden

      Your on crack

  82. МАХ !?
    МАХ !?
    12 dagen geleden

    Теперь с Яндексом можно смотреть эти видео на русском)

    12 dagen geleden

    What??? Where’s the SUV drag race video?? 😳😭

  84. Milind Dixit
    Milind Dixit
    12 dagen geleden

    5:49 - great demo of the terrible touch controls in the new Golf 😂

    1. Last account banned for talking about car polisher
      Last account banned for talking about car polisher
      12 dagen geleden

      The screens are the least of the problems in any new VAG car and that includes porsche, who recently forgot how to make engine mounts and conrods, I mean we've only been making engine mounts and conrods since the steam age. All the German companies are effectively British Leyland at this point.. they are that bad

  85. Deeroy
    12 dagen geleden

    i20n vs a 1 series

  86. Steffen Grundahl
    Steffen Grundahl
    12 dagen geleden

    This video is incorrect. The t7 model will not be launch as shown as the California model. The T6.1 continues and there will be a new platform together with FORD for the new California in 2024/25. SO Matt - try again :)

  87. Adam
    12 dagen geleden

    Do you need a Multipass to get into your Multivan?

  88. Rat 1
    Rat 1
    12 dagen geleden

    Why would you pay for this?, might as well wait for the full electric.

  89. john smith
    john smith
    12 dagen geleden

    Why is a plug-in hybrid seen as a positive ? A proper hybrid will charge the battery with the petrol engine

    1. Last account banned for talking about car polisher
      Last account banned for talking about car polisher
      12 dagen geleden

      Because they all need to ponder to the agendas guidelines or they get no money and given no products. That's the reason these diabolically badly made EVs and hybrids are considered the "norm" now, yet anyone I've known daft enough to buy a glorified RC car has quickly sold it on and went back to full IC

  90. Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman
    12 dagen geleden

    We want a Buzz Westfalia!!!!!!

  91. Tahsin Faiyaz
    Tahsin Faiyaz
    12 dagen geleden

    stfu, u have literally no info on it.

  92. DP Creation21
    DP Creation21
    12 dagen geleden

    Review the Lamborghini huracan evo

  93. sherlinne tan
    sherlinne tan
    12 dagen geleden


  94. Mr Glasses
    Mr Glasses
    12 dagen geleden

    VW Buzz

  95. John Ganeswaran
    John Ganeswaran
    12 dagen geleden

    i like the van design

  96. T1000 Terminator
    T1000 Terminator
    12 dagen geleden

    Volkswagen should just make if fully electric to power all the tech inside rather than wasting time with a petrol or diesel hybrid and it should have 300hp like the ID.4 GTX to get up all those steep hills in the Lake District😁

  97. Blueryx Falls
    Blueryx Falls
    12 dagen geleden

    never trust volkswagen!

    1. Tom The Xbox series X
      Tom The Xbox series X
      7 dagen geleden

      Says a weeb that would buy their nans micra

    2. VW GTI
      VW GTI
      8 dagen geleden

      Says flueryx balls...🦖🦖

  98. Rhuari McAulay
    Rhuari McAulay
    12 dagen geleden

    I.D BUZZ camper,end of story!

  99. hardy3559
    12 dagen geleden

    Totally overpriced over rated

  100. Michael Gaunt
    Michael Gaunt
    12 dagen geleden

    Pure electric plus whole roof as solar.