New Kia EV6 review: the best electric car in the world!

43 000 Weergaven 1,5 mln.

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This is the all-new Kia EV6!

It’s Kia’s first purpose-built electric car, and Mat’s on hand to see if it has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with some of the class-leading German crossover EVs!

For starters, there’s no denying that the EV6 looks great. Whatever angle you look at it from the outside, the Kia has a sporty edge that helps it stand out. What’s more, when you take a step inside, it’s packed full of all-new tech, including Kia’s latest infotainment system! That’s not all though, you can even use the EV6’s vehicle-to-load feature to use the car as a portable power supply!

In terms of performance, there’s a variety of different options available, with the class leader delivering 325hp! All models come packing a 77kWh battery, and it has a claimed range of 316 miles.

So with a starting price of £41,000, is the EV6 THE must-have electric car of 2021? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

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  1. carwow
    14 dagen geleden

    So, is the EV6 the best EV in the world? LIKE if you agree, or COMMENT with what you'd choose instead!

    1. The One
      The One
      4 uur geleden

      Mr Beast tank you 👍

    2. Matty Sea
      Matty Sea
      5 uur geleden

      Help me carwow! Can you do a real world range test of the ioniq5 vs the ev6? I’m looking at both and I know the ev6 is supposed to get better range from the 58kw battery but is this true? It’s a real toss up because the styling is better on the ioniq5 but the handling is better on the ev6! Although I’m not interested in it I suppose you could include the mustang Mach-E for a bit more variety?

    3. Alain 87
      Alain 87
      21 uur geleden

      was the designer on leave ?

    4. Snoop
      Dag geleden

      You could not pay me to drive a car with that braking noise. That is the most horrible noise I have ever heard. Imagine driving that in the middle of the city

    5. Dave Fitzpatrick
      Dave Fitzpatrick
      Dag geleden

      @Hugh Russell agreed but that costs a heck of allot more, this along with the model y are best bang for your buck !

  2. Hamed
    2 uur geleden

    To be fair you missed out on two big points in this review. The electricity can be shared to your house and the battery is good for 24h of watching tv. And the big point being that this car is the only car thats matching the Taycan charging speed.

  3. Boar Reese
    Boar Reese
    2 uur geleden

    Looks like copy paste between VW Golf 8 and Tesla X

  4. Travid Vid Legradic
    Travid Vid Legradic
    4 uur geleden

    i am not so sure for the front

  5. Rob
    4 uur geleden

    From £41,000! Hurry up, trickle down tech...

  6. 유재준
    5 uur geleden

    EV6 GT를 타면 기절할듯 제로백 3.5초

  7. XBOX Gameplay Videos
    XBOX Gameplay Videos
    6 uur geleden

    This will be my number one electric car when I do make the jump. I am on my second Kia now and you can't beat the 7 year transferable warrantY peace of mind and they are well built inside and out. I find it annoying when a reviewer always has to point out the scratchy plastic especially if out of sight. I sat in my mates Merc e class and while the plastics may not have been so scratchy they were obviously plastic to me and looked it despite all the chrome colours etc.

  8. Jonathan Pardoe
    Jonathan Pardoe
    7 uur geleden

    Hey lets all bow down to those great guys in Korea , China , India , Slovakia , Goatshagging land and the little guys on Mars but never no never nay, never heap pride on our own workforce , yup, its most important that our money goes on foreign products to keep the Korean economy thriving . Go for it folks .

  9. Anthony C
    Anthony C
    9 uur geleden

    Thank you for busting them on the stupid fake grates/grilles. Bogus details add nothing.

  10. Ryan J
    Ryan J
    11 uur geleden

    He’s reviewing this car so fast. How many cups of coffee did you drink

  11. leonsam84
    11 uur geleden

    A korean review from carwow without saying BMW/AUDI in every other sentence? How things have changed!

  12. decerebrated
    11 uur geleden

    might be my next car

  13. Matthew M
    Matthew M
    12 uur geleden

    Why do automakers keep using piano black?!?! Stop it 🛑🛑🛑 No one likes it!

  14. Bugattis11395
    14 uur geleden

    Looking at how awesome this is, then thinking about how dowdy the Genesis GV60 looks on the same platform truly pisses me off

  15. Paperkut ĺive
    Paperkut ĺive
    15 uur geleden

    well thought of the back cubby. and that sound is a "Nooo! nothing's going too make it better, even if it "flew

  16. Julien Gordon
    Julien Gordon
    16 uur geleden

    Like your review style brother. Subscribed

  17. Phantom X
    Phantom X
    16 uur geleden

    This car need a FULL panoramic sunroof!

  18. stewstube70
    17 uur geleden

    Damn that's some ugly and heavy handed "styling" - no thank you.

  19. Dori Tos
    Dori Tos
    17 uur geleden

    What is the max load rate if you use battery power as an outlet?

  20. Semir Tesnjak
    Semir Tesnjak
    18 uur geleden

    230kw fast charge and 410 km range. Decent. Those are the most important numbers all that mombojumpo stuff its a personal preferance.

  21. TCF - TheCarFather
    TCF - TheCarFather
    22 uur geleden

    I thought you said the Model 3 was the best :(

  22. Brother E
    Brother E
    23 uur geleden

    That froot looks like an engine. And that looks cool

  23. piripro piripeep
    piripro piripeep
    Dag geleden

    So Kia just basically re-made the Jaguar iPace hoping no one would notice?

  24. daniel gear
    daniel gear
    Dag geleden

    OMG Beautiful car

  25. Dan Scotney
    Dan Scotney
    Dag geleden

    I would like you to do a real life battery range drive like you have with other EVs

  26. Silvana Živković
    Silvana Živković
    Dag geleden

    For a car of 50,000 euros on the world market you can find a huge number of better cars than this which actually has a lot of details that are really unnecessary .......

  27. K 9 1.0
    K 9 1.0
    Dag geleden

    The fron is Digital Tiger Face or DTF

  28. Anuraag Shah
    Anuraag Shah
    Dag geleden

    Please do a review for Ioniq 5 and please do let us know which is a better Next Gen EV, EV6 or Ioniq 5

  29. Moon Bagger
    Moon Bagger
    Dag geleden

    As quick as they have us in electric cars, they’ll have us in self driving cars. Who wants to give up their freedom, not me. we should be doing everything we can to slow this process down. Start by not reviewing the carwow and on that note, I’m off, unsubscribed

  30. pstanyer1 Stanyer
    pstanyer1 Stanyer
    Dag geleden

    41k starting price. No thank nice car good range. But I could buy 3 dacia dusters for that price that do the same job. Which is 'drive'

  31. job searcher
    job searcher
    Dag geleden

    Will they charge you 15000 grand for a new battery when only a few cells need changing. Or turn off software if you repair it yourself.

  32. Heraklis Skevakis
    Heraklis Skevakis
    Dag geleden

    My personal opinion is while it looks futuristicish it will not age well and in a few years down the road it will not be something interesting to look at. Ioniq wins on this department with more subtle design features

  33. romes bones
    romes bones
    Dag geleden

    im very happy that matt rolled up his jean shorts

  34. J DB
    J DB
    Dag geleden

    I weep for carfanatics. Dreadful looking EV's like this is what will kill the buzz around car enthusiasts. That is one ugly car, damn. Kia has no identity whatsoever and just produces what it thinks markets wants (which is good for a business standpoint of course)

  35. Jan Sicherl
    Jan Sicherl
    Dag geleden

    Its all about the looks of the car nowadays. Noone cares the rest, just the looks. How pity :)

  36. William Dryden
    William Dryden
    Dag geleden

    Only really wanted to be told how many miles to a charge…..not all the bullshit. Still don’t know. Got fed up listening to all the hot air.

  37. Sartheris Stormhammer
    Sartheris Stormhammer
    Dag geleden

    They are shooting with an Arteon R 😆 11:38

  38. Michael Kiddle
    Michael Kiddle
    Dag geleden

    Im sorry but that is an ugly car.

  39. Sal
    Dag geleden

    Looks tacky as hell

  40. Musa Virk
    Musa Virk
    Dag geleden

    The rear window is small as sh***t. I agree with Matt but I like the car.

  41. David Moore
    David Moore
    Dag geleden

    Looking straight at the back, whenever the car is driving away from you, it looks a little unattractive, and the price is way too much, and since it's electric, it's plagued with a low range, but everything else is pretty good. I like this car.

  42. R R D
    R R D
    2 dagen geleden

    Wow Copy another best selling car And present it as beautiful

  43. Jayro
    2 dagen geleden

    I find this car ugly because the design is too complicated. Too much lines.

  44. Max Gafa
    Max Gafa
    2 dagen geleden

    haha 40k ?? you have to be crazy to spend that amount on a kia. Nice car but maximum 25k

  45. G T
    G T
    2 dagen geleden

    This is the only EV for me. Coming for you EV6, one day

  46. Benny Ricko
    Benny Ricko
    2 dagen geleden

    Difference between Euro cars and Korean cars.... Euro cars are spot on with everything to 99%.. Korean cars always have "5 silly things about this car" as you mentioned, strange noise when car moves slow, head rests to far forward, no reverse view...... I put Korean cars as always at about 80% good with always 20% cheapo crap things that make you wish you could have a BMW or Audi instead... hmmm not happy they cant fix up these minor things...Money wise, sure EV6, but if I personally had a choice, I would choose the BMW or Audi equivalent car.

  47. TahaHomida ْ
    TahaHomida ْ
    2 dagen geleden

    I thought it was a Volkswagen Golf the first time

  48. Martin Schwoerer
    Martin Schwoerer
    2 dagen geleden

    for a really thorough review, check out Bjorn Nyland. There, you'll find that the Kia/Hyundai are not very aerodynamic, and therefore not so efficient at motorway speeds. VW ID and especially Tesla are a lot better in this respect, allowing larger stretches between charging stops if you're going on a long-distance trip. 0:1 for Kia. And obviously, Tesla's Supercharger network is tops, so 0:2. Not to mention acceleration, automated driving... The EV6 is great, I'd gladly buy it, but the best in the world, no way José.

    1. Martin Schwoerer
      Martin Schwoerer
      2 dagen geleden

      @100 Sandy Munro disagrees, but on the other hand, he doesn't express himself in excremental English, so you win the argument

    2. 100
      2 dagen geleden

      teslas have dogshit build quality so no

  49. mancsaint
    2 dagen geleden

    All the 5 negatives exist on all specs. All 5 positives only exist on the GT Line S trim.

  50. Dad Dad
    Dad Dad
    2 dagen geleden

    How about a review of the towing capability of new electric cars? EV6 & Ionic 5 having a claimed 1600Kg load? As a caravaner and as the UK is in staycation mode, this might be well received? Dave

  51. Lenn Uwland
    Lenn Uwland
    2 dagen geleden

    Would choose this 1000 times over any Tesla. What an amazing looking car. If money no problem, than would get this and an Ionic5 for my wife 🥳

  52. David Dobbs
    David Dobbs
    2 dagen geleden

    I prefer the push buttons for D/N/R that the iPace has. Never been a fan of a knob for this, which funnily other Jaguars do have...

  53. Peter Crossley
    Peter Crossley
    2 dagen geleden

    Low visibility windows are so irritating.

  54. Marvin Henry
    Marvin Henry
    2 dagen geleden

    Can you do a review of the Kia Seronto 2022 please?

  55. AudiophileTubes
    2 dagen geleden

    Some company, PLEASE make us a basic, affordable electric car that can travel 600 miles fully charged. It does not have to have 3 electric motors with the horsepower and torque of a Mack truck, or a 0-60 speed of 3 seconds. Just a simple, basic, reliable, long range, single motor FWD electric car.

  56. \\/\//
    2 dagen geleden

    I used to like Teslas, but now they just all look so ugly. Too many on the road? No change in appearance? The cheap paint that erks me as an auto detailer? The battery catching on fire? I'd be all over this EV6 if I was in the market for an EV. Stunning car!

  57. Jack Hetherington
    Jack Hetherington
    2 dagen geleden

    I now have 2 cars on electric cars id own on my list

  58. Richard P
    Richard P
    2 dagen geleden

    I don't like the door handles. They look nice but seem hard to use with one hand. 9:33

  59. OG Bobbus
    OG Bobbus
    2 dagen geleden

    Polestar 2 makes the same sound when lightly accelerating from a stand still. Really weird, like the brakes not letting go till you reach a certain speed.

  60. Badass Open-Polling
    Badass Open-Polling
    2 dagen geleden

    What about the build quality ?? How strong is the body structure , thud sound ? Are gates, bonnet heavey ?? What about the A , B , C pillars strength ??

  61. James Morrissey
    James Morrissey
    2 dagen geleden

    Kia doing the most! Love it

  62. Saçmalama Olm
    Saçmalama Olm
    2 dagen geleden

    They stole Ww scrocco front absolutely the same

  63. Trancemusiconly
    2 dagen geleden

    It is not Kia. It's "KИ" lol

  64. /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
    /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)
    2 dagen geleden

    Dude, sounds like you're on a commission with this one! Never heard you wax so lyrical!

  65. dy zolytan
    dy zolytan
    2 dagen geleden

    Oh dear, those headrests totally destroy the car..

  66. Mr. Editor
    Mr. Editor
    3 dagen geleden

    Hey I visit carwow to get the car but it's difficult for me coz they I am asked to put the UK zip code while i am in Rwanda

    3 dagen geleden

    No sunroof? pano? Nothing?

    3 dagen geleden

    Nice shorts ...chicken legged Mat. nice to see skinny jean shorts rolled up for reasons unknown. However the more videos i see of the badass Kia EV6, the more I am drawn to the Hyundai Ioniq 5's design. Th HI5 has more classic enduring exterior elements, a real hatchback look, and a much much cleaner and fresh interior with great fabrics, lighter displays , and all with the same battery and performance, esp. when the N comes out to play....with s much power one need if the buyer is some Hellcat freak.

  69. Planes Trains & Dogs n Cars
    Planes Trains & Dogs n Cars
    3 dagen geleden

    Rear vision shouldn't be an issue when it is displayed in the gauge cluster.

  70. Bilal Adil
    Bilal Adil
    3 dagen geleden

    Looks like a Lambo Urus from the side

  71. CJ U
    CJ U
    3 dagen geleden

    While the car does look great and has a lot of cool features, I’ve used the touchscreen, which is almost impossible to accurately press (for example) the home button while driving as it is quite a stretch for me as a tall person with the seat further back (home button is on the far left corner of the screen). It’s a niggle but would really put me off buying as it would be a daily niggle.

  72. yjs
    3 dagen geleden

    Terrible piano black trim in the centre console...

  73. Isuj Seavers
    Isuj Seavers
    3 dagen geleden

    The super turkish paradoxically apologise because sleep disappointingly guide with a psychotic birth. ambitious, fresh cup

  74. J B
    J B
    3 dagen geleden

    The western world should just accept the fact that asia is now doing wonders in the car industry too... perhaps, one of the reason os because their companies hire and pirate people from the western companies and allow them to do their thing with less intrusion from the management, so their imagination is the only limit. Hence, these cars... I understand many are into german brands... for the brand... but bro, you can't deny genesis (a korean brand too) is doing well in the luxury department... ... along with other koreans, japanese brands like lexus, and now so many emerging chinese cars (although many still has well founded skepticism for the latter owing to its novelty). Even the not so luxurious brands of these asian cars are giving purchasers a bang for their bucks woth these array of features comparable to what the western luxury car makers provide with a much lower price... plus, match that with really low maintenace cost too, and a resell value thats way way way better than what you get to enjoy selling any of those western luxury car brand... asian cars is definetly the way to go.

  75. Blue Llama
    Blue Llama
    3 dagen geleden

    Kia really nailed with their designs. But in Japan, they don’t sell any cars, unlike Hyundai, Ford and GM, they failed in Japan. Speaking of Samsung, they sell phones without the Samsung logo on it.

  76. Caroline Tyler RC
    Caroline Tyler RC
    3 dagen geleden

    Ugly, messy design. Why does it have front grills at all, real or fake! Overly busy interior, no wireless charging. Rubbish froot. No possibility of over the air updates, no possibility of self driving. Overall an very standard car made electric, not designed for the future.

    1. 99SamIAm99
      3 dagen geleden

      Caroline Tyler RC "Ugly, messy design" Disagree. "Why does it have front grills at all, real or fake!" Because you would complain that it is ugly ; ) "Overly busy interior" I like it. "no wireless charging" Incorrect. "Rubbish froot" What is it with people needing a froot? This is the most overrated thing I've ever heard of. "No possibility of over the air updates" Who cares? "no possibility of self driving" Who cares? "Overall an very standard car made electric, not designed for the future." This has "I'm a Tesla fan" written all over it. LOL!

  77. Nick Webb
    Nick Webb
    3 dagen geleden

    It looks like a Lidl version of a Jaguar I pace

  78. Jim GM4DHJ
    Jim GM4DHJ
    3 dagen geleden

    you love all the things I hate in a car ....

  79. Reptylee79
    3 dagen geleden

    Great looking car but I don't see the point why this bus needs more than 200 hp and a sports car acceleration. I clearly see when grandad and grandma cruising on the motorway with 40 mph and when you try to overtake them they're not gonna let you to do it because it's 4.6 min- 0-60 mph.🤷‍♂️

  80. donDonau
    3 dagen geleden

    For me its futuristic SAAB. And I like it.

  81. om jai
    om jai
    4 dagen geleden

    Hope this model come to Indonesia

  82. JJ RIDER 67
    JJ RIDER 67
    4 dagen geleden

    Lovely looking family dodgem that even borders on practicality in one or two areas, but then for £41000.00 so it bl**dy well should.. At this price Kia are obviously not aiming their EV6 at the average UK working-class family.. For me, the REAL disadvantage of having thousands of AA batteries under the floor is... having thousands of AA batteries under the floor.. A 'simply-sooper' car for those virtue-signalling trips to the mall in California and even southern Europe but I don't know how those batteries will perform in the prolonged cold spells of northern Europe and the UK though, the range of the Tesla model 3 for instance is down to 40% at best as soon as the thermometer dips below zero centigrade..

    4 dagen geleden

    I have ordered it

  84. Max Wilhelmsson
    Max Wilhelmsson
    4 dagen geleden

    En don’t make a Kia EV6 VS Hyundai ioniq 5 drag race

  85. Mark Bond
    Mark Bond
    4 dagen geleden

    It would be great to consistently include ‘real world range’ for electric cars. Most won’t do 80% of the stated range.

    1. 김성제
      2 dagen geleden

      Mat test KIA niro EV range before, and it did over 90% of real range. Maybe EV6 could show same result.

  86. Gamal Faris
    Gamal Faris
    4 dagen geleden

    I'm waiting to try the Porsche Taycan Turbo S?

  87. Chris D
    Chris D
    4 dagen geleden

    Wow this video stinks like a paid promo!

  88. GracieVision
    4 dagen geleden

    i stopped watching at £41,000.

  89. Nipun Murada
    Nipun Murada
    4 dagen geleden

    Still can't beat tesla...

  90. Jenson Williams
    Jenson Williams
    4 dagen geleden

    Youd be a weapon not to get the digital tiger face spec 😈 🐅

  91. Clive Pearsall
    Clive Pearsall
    4 dagen geleden

    Fascinating, but what an incredibly annoying man presenting it! I had to stop watching after a few minutes. The way he talks, the way he dresses - truly awful. Nice Car though!

  92. M M
    M M
    4 dagen geleden

    Oh Kia, you made a VW Golf too🙄

  93. Tz 6
    Tz 6
    4 dagen geleden

    Long range, looks good , decent price, the best all round one so far.

  94. TheNewFaceOfHSP
    4 dagen geleden

    Just bought an XCeed PHEV this spring, but I'm going to trade it in for an EV6 when the GT versions start shipping and the worst problems have been dealt with.

  95. Ofri Klein
    Ofri Klein
    4 dagen geleden

    Is this car based on the same platform of the Hyundai Ioniq-5?

  96. iulian popa
    iulian popa
    4 dagen geleden

    you was the most caind with kia

    4 dagen geleden

    Weird flex

  98. OZZIE
    4 dagen geleden

    My precious, we needs it!!

  99. Živko Kondić
    Živko Kondić
    4 dagen geleden

    Why do car designers hate windows so much? It's almost comical at this point. You almost can't see outside.

  100. mxolisi mdaka
    mxolisi mdaka
    4 dagen geleden

    Kia EV6 is coming to South Africa in 2040 as a new model