Mercedes EQS vs S-Class review and range test: Petrol vs Electric!

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How’s this for a luxury car head-to-head video!

We’ve got our hands on one of the most luxurious electric cars you can buy in 2021, the Mercedes EQS, and it's going up against one of the most luxurious petrol cars you can buy - the Mercedes S-Class!

The question is, if you’re in the market for a luxurious car, which should you choose? Well starting with the EQS, we’ve got our hands on the entry-level model. As a result, it comes with a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels. Once you get going, it can deliver 330hp & 570Nm of torque. It’s super-heavy though, tipping the scales at 2,480kg!

Then we come to the new S-Class. Powered by a 3-litre straight-six turbo petrol engine under the bonnet, it can put down 435hp and 520Nm of torque. Unlike EQS, however, it comes with all-wheel drive! Not only that, it’s a whole lot lighter, weighing in at 2,065kg.

So the S-Class is clearly ahead in the performance stakes, but how about everything else? Well to find out what we made of the looks, interiors, brakes and everything else in-between, you'll need to stick with Mat for this all-new group test!

00:00 Intro
01:03 Rear-wheel Steering
01:47 Range
02:45 Engines & Motors
03:20 0-60mph & 1/4-mile
04:59 Twisty-road Driving
08:59 Interior
12:37 Brake Test
13:29 Back Seats
16:20 Boots
17:17 Gadgets
18:00 On Track
19:50 Verdict

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  1. carwow
    17 dagen geleden

    So which are you choosing? VOTE BELOW!

    1. Patrick Chebos
      Patrick Chebos
      2 dagen geleden

      S Class, preferably PHEV ..

    2. Otniel Paniagua
      Otniel Paniagua
      3 dagen geleden

      S class all day

    3. Florian Philipp von Landitz
      Florian Philipp von Landitz
      7 dagen geleden

      Mercedes S-Class...because I don´t really like that egg-shape. When I see that S-Class it gives a feeling of luxury. When I see the EQS it reminds me of a newer model of a Ford Mondeo. What I miss especially on the exterior is the design of the front lights. The ILS has such a great detailed design. Those multi beam LEDs look kind of boring in comparison.

    4. Irawan Prajogo
      Irawan Prajogo
      11 dagen geleden

      S Klasse

    5. Eric Perkins
      Eric Perkins
      11 dagen geleden

      Never going back to the gas station. EQS for sure. But I'd take another Model X over either.

  2. Lüvv Sürya
    Lüvv Sürya
    17 uur geleden

    I thought Matt would say, “I’d take both of them” 😂

  3. Patricks Driving school
    Patricks Driving school
    18 uur geleden

    Electric is the future

  4. Hussam AL Yafai
    Hussam AL Yafai
    23 uur geleden

    i hope you have made arrangements to get your hands on a Lucid when they start delivery. It should be interesting.

  5. Ross Stewart
    Ross Stewart
    Dag geleden

    Why did you not mention the cost for the amount fuel used?

  6. gogettadan
    Dag geleden

    Fun fact the new kia eq Pdoes 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 second

  7. Ali Mhp
    Ali Mhp
    Dag geleden

    I would love that if it wasn't electric

  8. Γιωργος Βλαχακος
    Γιωργος Βλαχακος
    2 dagen geleden

    Looking the interior of eqs and the exterior lights, make me think audi models that allready exist... on the other side, the interior of 500 (console) is like tesla...

  9. Marius Koen
    Marius Koen
    2 dagen geleden

    EQS is ugly, don't like the big screens as well😐

  10. Patryk Izbinski
    Patryk Izbinski
    2 dagen geleden

    its only me, or can u see that too, when Mat break test this cars the speed difference its 10km/h, maybe thats why s-class stops 4 meters further

  11. Naaga Siva Raju Dandu
    Naaga Siva Raju Dandu
    2 dagen geleden

    S class looks like A class outside tbh

  12. Peter Theobald
    Peter Theobald
    3 dagen geleden

    Just can't get over how ugly the eqs is.

  13. Boki Popovski
    Boki Popovski
    3 dagen geleden

    Honda on the left and a s class on the right

  14. drxym
    3 dagen geleden

    If everything was equal then the EQS is the no-brainer choice. But both are still stupidly expensive vehicles.

  15. rob No
    rob No
    3 dagen geleden

    Would not buy a Mercedes at the moment for the last 12 months they are having issues getting parts from Germany

  16. Henry Law
    Henry Law
    4 dagen geleden

    EQS just doesn't have the presence and the imposing feel when it comes near you.

  17. John Heldal
    John Heldal
    4 dagen geleden

    I think you completely missed the point of these cars. You are always keen on 0-60, 1/4-mile and so on. Noone in the customer group of these cars care about that. They want to be transported smooth and gentle, being able to type on their laptops, while being transported. Their chauffeur would never go 80 mph down a twisty B-road. He would get fired within the week. Try to test cars for what they are built for. If you only want speed and horsepower, then only test cars like Lambo, Ferrari and so.

  18. Polar Da Bear
    Polar Da Bear
    4 dagen geleden

    Really like the S-class but i like the screen's on the EQS. But when i did the configuration, the V8 S-class had 100K€ of emission taxes. Literally would you like to pay 100K€ taxes for a 200K€ car. The EQS was 200K€ also but it had 5000€ tax.

  19. Michael Goode
    Michael Goode
    4 dagen geleden

    I'm thinking that they made the EQS a hatchback in anticipation of the all electric Jag XJ which will likely be a hatchback too.

  20. Michael Goode
    Michael Goode
    4 dagen geleden

    You can drop the EQS off at mine on the way back to MK please. I'm in Rugby and I'll meet you at the new chargers just off jct1 of the M6. Cheers. 👍

  21. dotun173
    4 dagen geleden

    Pause at 00:10 It's a Civic on one side, S-Class on the other. A strongly-raked, stubby hood... from Mercedes? (in truth, the hood area - from the front shut line - is actually long; only, the extra-extended A-pillar eats into it) Let's hope that Porsche (Taycan) and Audi (e-Tron GT) succeed as they stay true to their design style, and the pressure forces Mercedes to reconsider this misguided design philosophy of the EQ line. Regardless of what Gorden Wagener says, traditional design can and does work with battery technology (again: Taycan, e-Tron GT). EVs don't need to "look like EVs"; they are cars, they should just look like cars.

  22. kiprian77
    5 dagen geleden

    I dont know why an electric car has to be more ugly then the petrol cars!!!

    1. kiprian77
      5 dagen geleden

      Rhat means I would take the s-class for sure!

  23. Markus LC
    Markus LC
    5 dagen geleden

    i like the EQS, but in the inside, even with the hyperscreen, it's a class below the true s-class, just look at those seats in the s-class, just a different world

  24. L.J. Turner
    L.J. Turner
    5 dagen geleden

    If I’m spending that much money on a car I want something uncompromisingly beautiful The EQS doesn’t quite look right; the S Class is stunning

  25. Sachin BHOGAVI
    Sachin BHOGAVI
    5 dagen geleden

    I did not understand why EQs in the end???

  26. Balázs Sziszi
    Balázs Sziszi
    5 dagen geleden

    see at 17:53 the reflection of the front airvent in the window- like in the modern VW's - in the Golf 4 was better ....

  27. pangrac1
    6 dagen geleden

    EQS looks like melted popsicle or melted ice lollie if you are British.

  28. pangrac1
    6 dagen geleden

    Switch that stupid artificial sound off. Mercedes is obsolte dumb dinosaur if he puts such a stupidity in car. 🙈🙈🙈👎

  29. Juan A
    Juan A
    6 dagen geleden

    EQS looks like A-class... 🤔😕

  30. MVRIO
    6 dagen geleden

    The outside rolling shots of the S class are insane

  31. Adam Hamilton
    Adam Hamilton
    6 dagen geleden

    Still prefer the W221 tbh

  32. Aleksandr Vysockij
    Aleksandr Vysockij
    6 dagen geleden

    This is not a range test, this is bullshit

  33. Thomas Lienert
    Thomas Lienert
    7 dagen geleden

    I've never noticed the distance between my feet and my knees change depending on the car I'm in.

  34. DaddyTermi
    7 dagen geleden

    Mercedes ❌ Murcaydeez ✅

  35. martynGB
    7 dagen geleden

    I have a previous model S Class the current model is annoying with the touch screen and the vents reflect in the window, it's not an improvement over the W222

  36. Sotonye William-Jumbo
    Sotonye William-Jumbo
    7 dagen geleden

    I like the S class exterior, I dont like the EQS exterior, But I do like the idea of a quiet clean drive. I think I may pick the EQS because its the future and could feel like a quality new gadget

  37. AggiePride4life
    7 dagen geleden

    I’m definitely going electric for my next car. I don’t think it will be the EQS though. It just doesn’t look special enough on the outside! That inside is next level though. FYI, the Tesla exterior isn’t special either! I’ll wait and see what the Merc SUV’s do.

  38. damonstr
    8 dagen geleden

    1:40 here we can see the EQS staying within the S class's circle, obviously winning the rate fight. Perhaps the S-class can do better in instantaneous turn?

  39. William Powers
    William Powers
    8 dagen geleden

    The vast majority of people don't want electric cars. The charging infrastructure doesn't exist and the charging time is a burden.

  40. Tore Hansen
    Tore Hansen
    8 dagen geleden

    That height in the backseat kills off the EQS.

  41. Ben Daniel Pere
    Ben Daniel Pere
    8 dagen geleden

    Well if you want an EQS but ain't go the budget you can always buy an old Honda Civic and change the logo - at least exterior-design wise you're already 90% there :P

  42. It's mee
    It's mee
    8 dagen geleden

    fuk tesla go for eqs

  43. MICHGO1
    8 dagen geleden


  44. Sucharith Battina
    Sucharith Battina
    8 dagen geleden

    Nice Cars

  45. Ahmad Al Samaraiy
    Ahmad Al Samaraiy
    8 dagen geleden

    A mercedes without the 3 star on the hood is a freak mercedes !

  46. Joey
    8 dagen geleden

    The EQS is trash. That is all

  47. Milan Stanisavljević
    Milan Stanisavljević
    8 dagen geleden

    Cockpit in Mercedes EQS is prettier, more elegant and more styled than cockpit in S. Cockpit in S class is simpler one and consists of two ugly tablets. It seems to me that Mercedes designers made a mistake and they have should replaced their cockpits in order to fit to purpose and character of these cars.

  48. Stephen Collins
    Stephen Collins
    8 dagen geleden

    Neither please, don’t understand the current Mercedes design language at all, too bling and blobby for me, garish even.

  49. dave eshaaw
    dave eshaaw
    9 dagen geleden

    Wow 400+ horsepower and it’s not even an AMG

  50. crombopulus
    9 dagen geleden

    The audio on this video is terrible

  51. Atlantik av
    Atlantik av
    9 dagen geleden

    New S Class look superb, EQS looks like big Honda

  52. R Scott
    R Scott
    9 dagen geleden

    So with thee EV, is there a preferred highway speed that enables the car to meet or surpass the given range ?

  53. Croft 90
    Croft 90
    9 dagen geleden

    Seems Mercedes is massively over estimating their EQS’s range

  54. Bradley LA
    Bradley LA
    9 dagen geleden

    The EQS looks like an Uber drivers car from the outside

  55. FujinBeatz
    9 dagen geleden

    Electric cars are a waste of time, money, and energy. Unless it's used for running errands around the house.

  56. trckojr
    10 dagen geleden

    They could've made eqs more powerful, but I think they don't want to make it more powerful than s-class...

  57. Hari Thakur
    Hari Thakur
    10 dagen geleden

    Matt has the funniest facial expressions.

  58. Hari Thakur
    Hari Thakur
    10 dagen geleden

    Mercedes S- Class, it has the star on the front bonnet.

  59. Alan
    10 dagen geleden

    The EQS looks like a Hyundai

  60. kudakwashe zvaita
    kudakwashe zvaita
    10 dagen geleden

    That electric benz is ugly. Looks like a coffin.

  61. G
    10 dagen geleden

    the fake engine sounds remind me of a vacuum

  62. Lee Shaun
    Lee Shaun
    10 dagen geleden

    White carpets are fuckin with my OCD.

  63. m
    10 dagen geleden

    both are my dream cars!

  64. Tajhaun Getten
    Tajhaun Getten
    10 dagen geleden


  65. Alain Ayache
    Alain Ayache
    10 dagen geleden

    You need to try the S580 e and compare it to the EQS. Same thing you need to try the AMG Version of both the AMG EQS 53s and the petrol version so we can have a better in-depth view of both vehicles.

  66. Josh
    10 dagen geleden

    That EQS looks absolutely wimpy next to the the S class. 😂

  67. Cameron
    10 dagen geleden

    The M3 as a camera car is just f@cking dope

  68. Filip Tvrdek
    Filip Tvrdek
    10 dagen geleden

    Here for the "stick of truth"

  69. Peter Ingram
    Peter Ingram
    10 dagen geleden

    Yep S class for me, I just don't think electric is there yet, the range and the charge time, and of course the infrastructure for recharging here in the UK, is not up to scratch, if it was, I would choose the EQS

  70. Bunny
    10 dagen geleden

    I was waiting to see violence at the roundabout. A few more circles and someone would've snapped.

  71. KIZZY
    10 dagen geleden

    20:13 ah yes the cameras phone

  72. badass tech
    badass tech
    10 dagen geleden

    S class exterior & interior seem better

  73. fireoil
    11 dagen geleden

    The EQS reminds me the weird Cadillac ELR. But now it's like every sci fi movies an i could actually like that design could be turn revese or forward. Symmetrical from the top. It's made it futuristic.

  74. ObsessionTheCat
    11 dagen geleden

    S-class looks way better. Don't understand why eqs looks like old passat from the front. When you are so rich to buy either one, you really don't have to care how much it uses fuel or how expensive fuel is so S-class is better choice. Eqs can't compete against Taycan or Model s plaid.

  75. 4rgone
    11 dagen geleden

    Their electrics are just so generic looking. Great comfort, super fast and no one will care because it just bores you to death.

  76. Allan Sonac
    Allan Sonac
    11 dagen geleden

    The design of the EQS starts with the blending of everything else while using a Vulcan Mind Meld.

  77. UhhhOhNoo0oo0OoOoo0oo0
    11 dagen geleden

    Long wheel base. Hmm. Snooze on both of these vehicles. You can turn off the other Screens in the EQS and the noise when it park, is to alert a human, that they are pressing on the accelerator. EQS is ugly as sin on the outside and beautiful as a princess (fictional one) on the inside. Tack on screens are a step back. Let's strap old looking iPads on an expensive car. AMG design is decent. Way more expensive and is an EV deserving of an AMG badge? Hmm

  78. Peter G
    Peter G
    11 dagen geleden

    My my old 2004 Volvo V70 D5 I had a few years ago do about 700-800 miles on a full tank.

  79. Clartaholic
    11 dagen geleden

    Sclass only

  80. Aebby Jnr
    Aebby Jnr
    11 dagen geleden

    Best car channel🌟!!

  81. Dr. kek
    Dr. kek
    11 dagen geleden

    Electric cars are the biggest shit someone ever took

  82. HD Failure
    HD Failure
    11 dagen geleden

    Carwow is very happy to take all the euros, sadly its not that happy converting to metric.

  83. Mayank Singh
    Mayank Singh
    11 dagen geleden

    i want my eqs to look like sclass or just classey as the big luxury sedan should look

  84. Cars YoungtimerFreak
    Cars YoungtimerFreak
    11 dagen geleden

    A shame that the future is so ugly... And I'm not only looking at the EQS... The last beautiful S-class was the W126, at least to me.

  85. Dia Reed
    Dia Reed
    11 dagen geleden

    piss powered luxury

  86. Ali
    11 dagen geleden

    the eqs design is just shit .... id go etron if i want electric and s500 or a8l if i want luxury

  87. Alexander Hedge
    Alexander Hedge
    12 dagen geleden

    EQS just looks like a normal Mercedes

  88. Karsten Kristensen
    Karsten Kristensen
    12 dagen geleden

    Now try the Hybrid S-class :)

  89. Melissa Grant
    Melissa Grant
    12 dagen geleden

    They should've gone with the EQS Concept design, this looks just like a Honda

  90. Amir Rustamov
    Amir Rustamov
    12 dagen geleden

    I wonder if Carwow sells $1M cars

  91. Pholela Mapeyi
    Pholela Mapeyi
    12 dagen geleden

    yheeeep....using the BMW to shoot the Mercedes review ..... that's just how Benz rolls

  92. Valentin Ilie
    Valentin Ilie
    12 dagen geleden

    I can’t stand the way the new S-s trunk trim line doesn’t align properly

  93. Bogdan Bosoi
    Bogdan Bosoi
    12 dagen geleden

    The eqs is a complete disaster. Why would you buy a 2,5 ton electric barge with a full reflective eye-destroying dash and the width of o truck...I really don t know. Add to that the interior that looks like a cheap strip club at night. Maybe this is the Mercedes way to be sustainable and save the planet.

  94. A common man
    A common man
    12 dagen geleden

    The EQS looks like it was designed by Citroën.

  95. Allan Sonac
    Allan Sonac
    12 dagen geleden

    The EQS is supposedly the most aerodynamic car on the market with a coefficient of drag of 0.20! The driver's eye is monitored by a camera and if it senses that you're distracted it will turn off the 3rd screen. The wheels have these little Merc logos on them. The AWD version is much faster. There's a mood mode that like the S class uses scent pods and has a zen mode that uses the ambient lighting to provide mode especially with the massage seats. I would've thought that Merc would've used cameras and radar instead of exterior rearview mirrors. I love the fact that you can get massage seats for all 3 passengers. The boot or trunk is a hatch and the rear seats fold down completely. You can take all 3 of your friends along for a ride and spend 1/2 hour talking about all the gadgets! in the EQS the dial or gauge isn't showing RPM, it shows energy being used. The design of the EQS reminds me of the early 2000's Chrysler Concord...LOL! The AWD EQS with the software update has the same 3D effect gauge cluster as the S Class now. They both have hepa filters that actually filter out every air impurity and ....smell..from outside.

  96. geniustic
    12 dagen geleden

    Jesus is coming soon and he wants you with him!

  97. Hamza Khorfan
    Hamza Khorfan
    12 dagen geleden


  98. JunkerOnDrums
    12 dagen geleden

    I'll take the EQS - it's the future, not an ice car. It will soon be standing on museums along side steam machines :D

  99. alban emini
    alban emini
    12 dagen geleden

    S class of the future..... with zero road presence, looking like a CLA had baby with chicken egg.... I know EVs rely on low drag but the cost of it is being absolutely hideous... not even a star on the hood the EQS has no business competing with the top of the foodchain luxury Sedan.....

  100. Allcarnews
    12 dagen geleden

    I think this proves that the EQS isn't there yet. higher cost than the S-Class, less power, very very questionable looks...