Ford Mustang King Cobra v Chevy Camaro v Dodge Challenger SRT: DRAG RACE

79 000 Weergaven 1,8 mln.

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Thanks to the guys for lending us their Dodge & Chevy:
Say thanks to Gearhead Daydreams for lending us their Mustang:

It’s time for an all-American muscle car showdown!!

Mat’s lining up in a supercharged Ford Mustang King Cobra, and pulling up to join him is a tuned Chevrolet Camaro and a Dodge Challenger SRT Scatpack!

So let’s see how awesome American exports stack up. Starting with the Mustang, it’s powered by a 5-litre V8 which has had a supercharger added to it, and as a result, it can now deliver 735hp & 690Nm of torque. It’s rear-wheel drive, and it weighs in at 1,775kg.

Next up it’s the Chevy, which is housing a 6.2-litre V8 up-front which has also had a supercharger added to it. It can therefore deliver 650hp & 600Nm, and just like the Mustang, it’s rear-wheel drive. It’s a fair bit lighter, though, weighing in at 1,656kg.

And then finally we have the Challenger. It’s powered by a 6.4-litre V8 which has had (you guessed it…) a supercharger added to it, and it’ll put down 650hp & 600Nm, exactly the same as the Camaro! It’s also RWD, but it’s the heaviest car here, weighing in at 1,900kg.

So how’s this going to play out - surely the most powerful car has to snatch the win, right? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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  1. carwow
    16 dagen geleden

    Which of these American muscle cars do you think sounded the best? VOTE below!

    1. Jarad Anthony Higgins
      Jarad Anthony Higgins
      20 uur geleden


      Dag geleden

      Matthew is not so honest why the dodge is not in the complete demon is so not fair.

    3. Sangabe2009
      Dag geleden

      Srt scat pack??? Another with supercharger like camaro and cobra is the hellcat i want to see that run

    4. Singel skating
      Singel skating
      2 dagen geleden


    5. Singel skating
      Singel skating
      2 dagen geleden


  2. Crulas
    Uur geleden

    If it has a king cobra it needs a fucking demon

  3. Zachary Ganger
    Zachary Ganger
    2 uur geleden

    Good day to be a Chevy fan

  4. Aditya More
    Aditya More
    3 uur geleden

    DODGE ♥️♥️♥️💪🏻

  5. deeboi206
    7 uur geleden

    Why is it everyone that not from America Think that we’re all cowboys and cowgirls 😡😡😡😡

  6. edlssworld 2.0
    edlssworld 2.0
    12 uur geleden

    Well what I don’t really hear people talk about it’s about the wings on car also that matters a lot actually the camaros wing is meant for down force as for the challenger it’s just a ducktail wing helped it a little but as for spinning problem wasn’t enough only reason why it dint finish first is because it had way less power than mustang and heavier also Camaro still took the W in the end

  7. Asamoah Richmond
    Asamoah Richmond
    13 uur geleden

    A race I have waited for all my life three best friends race together

  8. Zer0 Day
    Zer0 Day
    15 uur geleden

    Lol you say it's an srt but it's a rt. Trying to make mopar look bad lmao. You would get destroyed by the demon or super stock gtf otta here!

  9. jimmy cagle
    jimmy cagle
    21 uur geleden

    Loved watching him lose. How juvenile he acted getting beat in another video doing tug O war with the American Jeep Wrangler then dragging it around with the G Wagon. Sore loser. I'm a Jeep owner. Really low move.

  10. Sayy Jakylen
    Sayy Jakylen
    23 uur geleden

    Put a srt hell cat against those too

    1. Irfan Mukhriz
      Irfan Mukhriz
      12 uur geleden

      Put a GT500 as well

  11. onlinmrine
    23 uur geleden

    I would of liked it if they talked more

    Dag geleden

    Matthew is not so honest why the dodge is not in the complete demon is so not fair.

  13. O'Shea
    Dag geleden

    That 6 speed in the mustang is trash

  14. Chubb P & the little P's Inc.
    Chubb P & the little P's Inc.
    Dag geleden

    By the way Matt stop telling the viewers that this mustang makes 735 because the guy who owns it says so cause it's obvious that he's lying! He's giving mustangs a bad rep telling lies of that magnitude!

  15. Chubb P & the little P's Inc.
    Chubb P & the little P's Inc.
    Dag geleden

    That mustang does not, I repeat does not have 735 hp not even close to 735 hp more like 610 at the crank

  16. Willy Dog
    Willy Dog
    Dag geleden

    6:32 I went back to kindergarten for a bit

  17. Taylor Tsou
    Taylor Tsou
    Dag geleden

    Camaro 4 life

  18. Gemini 6
    Gemini 6
    Dag geleden

    Racing muscle cars with paddles is pathetic! I have a 2019 Mustang GT 5.0 Coyote manual transmission. A real race driver would have used a manual transmission.

  19. ZAID_ 911
    ZAID_ 911
    Dag geleden

    🇺🇸 camaro

  20. Al Alex V2
    Al Alex V2
    Dag geleden

    All them cylinders and such little HP 🤣🤣

    Dag geleden

    Side profile on that Camaro was beautiful

  22. D O Double G
    D O Double G
    Dag geleden

    CLARIFICATION PLEASE...Tryin' to figure something out. The 5.0 liter King Cobra model comes stock with a supercharger, but only puts out in the 625-650hp range depending on who you ask. So if the one in this vid has 735hp, were there other mods done to it?

  23. Prakhar Mishra
    Prakhar Mishra
    2 dagen geleden


  24. Alejandro Ochoa
    Alejandro Ochoa
    2 dagen geleden

    Oh look Ford once again, making MORE power with less displacement.

    1. Keith Wilburn
      Keith Wilburn
      Dag geleden

      New architecture, I'd hope so.. still doesn't mean much

  25. country music
    country music
    2 dagen geleden

    I've seen this run between the 3 several times before and it really comes down to the driver and the tune and setup for the car

  26. Travis Willoughby
    Travis Willoughby
    2 dagen geleden

    I keep asking y'all to bring me and my 720hp / 685lbs CTS-V out, but running a 10.5, I would make these people want to sell their shit.

  27. 坂本一家
    2 dagen geleden

    Too long nose and couldn't get level ;)

  28. kg _v12
    kg _v12
    2 dagen geleden

    Dodge fan boys belike he should have gone with a dodge demon or hellcat😂

  29. mcbeast83
    2 dagen geleden

    Why not a 392 scat pack instead of the SRT? That would have been a more even race IMO.

    1. Glover Carvalho
      Glover Carvalho
      2 dagen geleden

      No differences there.

  30. عباس حبچی
    عباس حبچی
    2 dagen geleden

    Love is camaro😍

  31. Deva Nandan MS
    Deva Nandan MS
    2 dagen geleden

    We stand for mustang💖💖💖😘😘😘

  32. Steve Lee
    Steve Lee
    3 dagen geleden

    Which is quicker? 2.9 litre v6 RS4 or the 6.2 litre V8 supercharger 😂😂😂😂

  33. Rick Field
    Rick Field
    3 dagen geleden

    Camero? It’s Camaro dude

  34. Victor Gallo
    Victor Gallo
    3 dagen geleden

    It's so funny how inefficient american cars are, it's comical... huge engines tuned with superchargers... I remember seeing 2 Audis here, a TT RS and a RS3, both 2.5l 5 cyl tuned: 9.9s both... XD

  35. Money B
    Money B
    3 dagen geleden

    I have both mustang s550 & camaro 6th gen I love em both.. thanks for that smoove race

  36. Dominic Tilsen
    Dominic Tilsen
    3 dagen geleden

    Is he the actor for ford vs ferrari???

    3 dagen geleden


  38. Taha Haider
    Taha Haider
    3 dagen geleden

    What if mclaren or Ferrari made a body for a mustang? It wud look awesome and i wud buy.

    1. Irfan Mukhriz
      Irfan Mukhriz
      12 uur geleden

      The car would be overpriced

  39. Alan Mac
    Alan Mac
    3 dagen geleden


  40. Jerry Magday
    Jerry Magday
    3 dagen geleden

    Mustang not Shelby 500🤦‍♂️

  41. Jerry Magday
    Jerry Magday
    3 dagen geleden

    Thats not hellcat red eye...

    3 dagen geleden

    How about cheap cars drag race?

  43. Will Reed
    Will Reed
    3 dagen geleden

    100 more hp and losses lol

  44. Fury7731
    3 dagen geleden

    I want to see the mpg on all 3 of them after this drag race

  45. NimNam
    3 dagen geleden

    Is should be a hallcat vs zl1 vs gt500

  46. Eldon Marashi
    Eldon Marashi
    3 dagen geleden

    how are these cars so fkn slow

  47. Echo AS
    Echo AS
    3 dagen geleden

    All american rev symphony

  48. Nosey person
    Nosey person
    3 dagen geleden

    American cars sound the best

  49. Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson
    3 dagen geleden

    All I can say is ,CHEVY POWER " finally .

  50. Anson Shareef Jr.
    Anson Shareef Jr.
    3 dagen geleden

    Race them with a hellcat, red eye or demon 🤦🏾‍♂️

  51. Fenix Aster
    Fenix Aster
    4 dagen geleden

    not a good race... im disappointed Mathew!

  52. Vikram Chauhan
    Vikram Chauhan
    4 dagen geleden

    Loudest drag race on car wow. 🚗

  53. Bayram Alt
    Bayram Alt
    4 dagen geleden

    All about driver :) 😃

  54. Marvinmok Mokmarvin
    Marvinmok Mokmarvin
    4 dagen geleden

    Car bow😂

  55. Oliver the great western engine productions
    Oliver the great western engine productions
    4 dagen geleden

    This is my favorite video you made with three of my favorite cars

  56. Олександр 		 Пономаренко
    Олександр Пономаренко
    4 dagen geleden


  57. Nick Boro
    Nick Boro
    4 dagen geleden

    You talk to much we just want the show

  58. An Katores
    An Katores
    4 dagen geleden

    u know that chevy is better when it wins even with 100 HP less ahahahhaha

  59. أبو الحواااسم
    أبو الحواااسم
    4 dagen geleden

    الشفر جنن البشر

  60. Владимир Карпенко
    Владимир Карпенко
    4 dagen geleden

    Чёт Камаро сильно жарила

  61. Ken Brown
    Ken Brown
    4 dagen geleden


  62. Janelle Tzoumanis
    Janelle Tzoumanis
    4 dagen geleden

    Cup and played nerf in my home town of your hard drive through a good friend of your pets and you are well as well and keeping the win a game of thrones and you are well known for his work in my drop box but I am now recovered and played nerf I got a good listener to mum because she made my home

  63. Cristhian Moisés Chévez Salinas
    Cristhian Moisés Chévez Salinas
    4 dagen geleden

    Yeaaaaa... 1 mile run"

  64. Cori Bourassa
    Cori Bourassa
    4 dagen geleden

    Holy shit that Chevy pulled

  65. Isaiah Tucker
    Isaiah Tucker
    4 dagen geleden

    The Dodge is the best is the person is driving it don’t want to drive like a pro he’s a freaking bomb

  66. pitandgolfball .
    pitandgolfball .
    4 dagen geleden

    Chevy built different

  67. Prod. By Deuce
    Prod. By Deuce
    4 dagen geleden

    They knew not to race a hellcat 🤣

  68. Terrell Upshaw
    Terrell Upshaw
    4 dagen geleden

    It's an RT ScatPack this man knows nothing about cars

  69. Ilkay Denislavov
    Ilkay Denislavov
    4 dagen geleden


  70. Supreme Weeny
    Supreme Weeny
    4 dagen geleden

    That’s funny cause my dads SS ran an 11.9 1/4 mile with a 3.9 second 0-60 moh

  71. Vinícius Starteri
    Vinícius Starteri
    4 dagen geleden

    As a Chevy Camaro owner, I'm so proud to see this! haha

  72. Schrotti
    4 dagen geleden

    why not Demon ??? wait.... you can´t handel it 🤣

  73. Colin Howard
    Colin Howard
    4 dagen geleden

    If that Dodge Challenger was the 6.2 supercharged red eye , the Chev would be looking for parking .

  74. Tony the car gamer
    Tony the car gamer
    4 dagen geleden

    It's between the Camaro and mustang challenger is a lot heavier and Dodge is hard to launch

    4 dagen geleden car race most wanted

  76. Saul Burgess
    Saul Burgess
    4 dagen geleden

    I came for the sound check

  77. Davis Porter
    Davis Porter
    4 dagen geleden

    No Hellcat? What are they afraid of???

  78. jonnylaris
    4 dagen geleden

    Why are these cars so slow with that much bhp

  79. Dana Berman
    Dana Berman
    5 dagen geleden

    Chevy kicked the Ford and Dodge right in the junk...

  80. KrVDead
    5 dagen geleden

    supercharged scat pack, why not hellcat?

  81. Worthesis _
    Worthesis _
    5 dagen geleden

    When can we get some BMW M3 xDrive videos?

  82. Tom Forrest
    Tom Forrest
    5 dagen geleden

    dont mess with an LS... Mustang got schooled haha

  83. edmi edmi
    edmi edmi
    5 dagen geleden


  84. Yriyah Yriyah
    Yriyah Yriyah
    5 dagen geleden

    Enjoy these American 🇺🇸 muscles while it last because them hybrids are whipping the gas vehicles away in the near future.

  85. Aviram Mesilaty
    Aviram Mesilaty
    5 dagen geleden

    Put the camaro zl1

  86. Whose Your Chef
    Whose Your Chef
    5 dagen geleden

    None of these cars are models you can just walk in and buy. :(

  87. Caleb Brossette
    Caleb Brossette
    5 dagen geleden

    Should have done them all with the older 6 speeds of let the mustang have the newer 10 like Chevy and Dodge have their newer 8

  88. Dquarte Crews
    Dquarte Crews
    5 dagen geleden

    L series engines........that's how

  89. BeachJedi101
    5 dagen geleden


  90. Max Graber
    Max Graber
    5 dagen geleden

    Take the Challenger Hell Cat and all is clear😁👍😁

  91. Andreasn333
    5 dagen geleden

    To be honest use the best mustang and then the medium range challenger. Legit you could use a srt super stock a hellcat or demon. Yet you use a shitty scat

  92. KBadr WINGS
    KBadr WINGS
    6 dagen geleden

    I'm not American and i don't live in America, but i don't know why i feel so proud when i see American cars ..

  93. Ethan de la Fontaine
    Ethan de la Fontaine
    6 dagen geleden

    weighs in about *in a soft voice* 19 hundred kilos

  94. Almajd K
    Almajd K
    6 dagen geleden

    Always Chooses The Fastest Car !!!!

  95. Teezydelic
    6 dagen geleden

    A video of a mustang not claiming a life ...

  96. Kiran Kaur
    Kiran Kaur
    6 dagen geleden

    everyone comment yeehaa for the Americans:)

  97. Ohm Wraith
    Ohm Wraith
    6 dagen geleden

    Why the hell would you supercharge a damn scat pack just buy the hell cat

  98. SpyderRios
    6 dagen geleden

    I run faster times in my 2011 mustang GT than the Supercharged Dodge and my 5.0 only has 440 hp. Then again my 5.0 weights 200 kgs less

  99. Carlos Ovalle
    Carlos Ovalle
    6 dagen geleden

    Wtf an r/t scat pack ??? Weird seeing that r/t badge in the front.

  100. Максим
    6 dagen geleden